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Reviewing portable applications you can take with you on a memory stick, so you never feel away from your own, loved, home PC.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Two essentials for every flash drive

Welcome to the Geek Stick blog. Covering portable applications you can take with you on a memory stick, so you never feel away from your own, loved, home PC.

And what better way to start than with two essentials that no geek should be caught without. Portable Firefox and Portable FileZilla.

Portable Firefox, of course, is a version of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser designed to run straight off a flash drive. No installation, just double click the file and away you go. Never be forced into using Internet Explorer on someone else's PC again! Also handy for protecting your privacy: set up cookie, cache, and history settings as you prefer, and don't leave any personal settings behind on the machine you've been using.

Portable Firefox: free | more information | download

Our second essential download you should never be caught without is Portable FileZilla. A popular version of the FTP client especially designed to be carried on a memory stick. Carry all your server settings and preferences with you in your pocket, and never have to remember them off the top of your head again. Totally secure, this is a great FTP client to have to hand.

Portable FileZilla: free | more information | download

More software for your memory stick coming soon.

What's this?

Geek Stick: our term for a usb flash drive you carry around in your pocket packed with software designed to run straight off your memory stick. No installation required. Just turn up at someone else's PC, plug in, and play with your own familiar software, configured with your settings, ready to go with no fuss at all.

As we uncover the best software titles available for fellow portable geeks, we'll review them here. So subscribe, bookmark us, whatever. We're looking to write reviews for all portable applications out on the market. Our preference, of course, is for free, open source software. But if something's useful, we'll include it on this site.

The first couple of weeks may prove predictable. We've got to review a few favourites. But as we start exploring, we'll uncover some unusual, unknown titles that may just come in handy one of these days. We certainly hope it'll be worth copying on to your memory stick just in case.

Any suggestions? Leave a comment. We're looking for any software you can run without having to install. Ideal for carrying around on a memory stick. All comments welcome.